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Don't employ a cowboy builder to build your dream extension

The cheapest quote from a builder is not necessarily the quote you want to go with.

Every home owner has aspirations to make their home the best it can be. The nicest possible environment for them and their family to live in. And who can blame them? I myself designed the extension to my own home back in 2003, where the old poky kitchen extension built back in the 1970’s was demolished and replaced with a large kitchen and family room, utility room, garage and conservatory.

Regardless of the increased monetary value of the house, the quality of homelife for my wife, children and myself has improved immeasurably since the builders completed the work in December 2003. 

However for some home owners the prospect of creating a dream home can become a nightmare. Spurred on by a vast array of home improvement programmes force fed through our television screens by the BBC and Channel 4 for the last 15 years we have all been brainwashed into thinking that we know how to improve our home, anything is possible. Of course it is but this can come at a price.

There is a trap waiting to snare the unsuspecting home owner. 

Being diligent three or four quotes are obtained from local builders.  It is at this point that that everyone should ask themselves, which of the prices is offering best value? It nearly always will not be the quote with the lowest figure on the bottom line.

Sometimes (not always), best value comes with a price tag attached and this should be budgeted for in the overall cost plan. No-one wants to employ a cowboy builder to turn their dream into a nightmare and perhaps the cost for avoiding this is as valuable as the bricks and mortar themselves.


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